Sustainability In 2024 & Beyond - 23/06/2023

Because we've only got one Planet Earth.

SMD x Earth

Since the launch of our first project, YourGameHost / URHOST, we’ve come along way in solution design and project sustainability has been a core focus with our developments on

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How did we retrofit

SMD focused on a few core aspects when designing the future of but we knew we really only had one chance at nailing the infrastructure.


In finding a new home for the wiki we needed to ensure a few things:

The Solution

In finding the golden ticket we looked at three core areas we felt we could optimise to ensure we build the best ‘version 3’ of the wiki.

1. Codebase

When building a new major revision we wanted to have something that made people go ’WOW’ and in the modern world that comes normally in one of a few ways… either it’s faster, newer or has a unique selling point.

After deciding we wanted to change our documentation framework we knew we had to ensure some level of document compatbility with the old docusaurus format which is why we resulted in Starlight by Astro.

In using Starlight we were able to reduce the amount of compute required to both compile test builds of our wiki & reduce the amount of compute required in the data center. This ultimately reduces the amount of power required to operate and display our wiki.

Howerver, Starlight’s only purpose isn’t just to be more efficient. We’re also planning on taking advantage of some additional modules in 2024 to improve the accessibility of our documentation project.

2. Web Hosting

Normally, when you host a website you’ll use some form of shared hosting. This normally comes in the form of a product such as Plesk / CPanel and doesn’t scale very well for larger websites / projects.

To ensure our service is nice and fast all over the globe we utilise a CDN service from Cloudflare. Recently, we’ve made some changes to improve the efficiency with caching our content and we’re also now 100% serverless using both Pages & Workers for this project.

3. Code Hosting

The final aspect of this modernisation required us to look at how we shared the code and worked on it collaboratively. Thankfully, since Microsoft’s purchase of Github they have made substancial improvements in the sustainability area and the only changes we made here were the introduction of Github actions to feed our build CI environment within Cloudflare.


In short we made the following changes which all result in us building a better wiki for the environment and the web.