2024 Roadmap - 28/12/2023

An insight into what our plans for 2024 look like for our services.

Season’s Greetings 🎄

As the 2023 season slowly comes to an end we thought it would be nice to wrap up the year with our initial plans for 2024.

happy-new-year home alone

We thought it would be best to break this up into two sections, one that focused on our wiki and one on our SaaS offering. If you’re a user of both services then sit back and enjoy a lengthy read!

Organisation Structure

The first obvious change that we’ve made is making ‘’ a service rather than a organisation in it’s own right.

This means that around the web you’ll slowly start to see changes such as the Github repo and Discord server get a slight rebranding. The wiki will remain accessible via and this will never change.

THOT will also adopt some of the SMD branding for things such as email comms. Currently all email comms are sent via [email protected] but early next year we will be adopting a new format ([email protected]) for all outbound comms (excluding [email protected] which will remain as is).

Before this change goes live we will send out email communications.

We’re going to start with our longest project - ‘’ or as we’ve also called it the ‘Minecraft Administration Wiki’. 2023 saw some of the projects biggest structural changes we’ve made since the project lauched many years ago and 2024 will focus on tidying those bits up.

Contribution Wiki

We appreciate that contributing to our wiki hasn’t always been the easiest, we’re working on a secondary contribution wiki to help make things a bit easier with document formatting etc. This will be found at once it’s gone live.

The contribution wiki will also explain new features such as the Content Labels to ensure uniformaty with our wiki.

Content Labels

In November we introduced some content labels that were added to newer documents within our Wiki, some examples of how we implemented these can be found below.

2024 will focus on ensuring all pages under the Enhancements, Hosting & Tools all have accurate tags. If we get time we will also focus on working on the Guides section!

We’d also like to take the time to introduce a specific section under the Enhancement tab to work on a Mods category.

The first major addition to the V2 of THOT is the addition of new domains that our clients can use when creating sharable URLs for any feature within our platform.

Our newly acquired domains below are already available for use by our customers!

As mentioned above, there will be some slight branding adjustments to the email delivery within THOT but we do not have a timeline for this.

In addition to the above, we’re also looking to work within the limits of AI to bring some additional enhancements to users on our ‘Personal’ tier but this is still early progress and we’ll give you updates throughout the year.

A lesser known fact is that SMD currently sponsors a portion of the operational costs for the free hosting service

We will be working with the team running the show day to day to ensure that their plans to introduce a sustainable monetization strategy goes ahead without any major issues.